We love dragons! We are dragons! This page is about dragons! This is a page about us!


Who could ever forget the old "-ology" franchise of books? We first got these from our grandmother as a child and ever since then we never looked back.

We had a lot of the books from these series, but none triumphed over the Dragonology books for us. We would read these and study these as if they were texts with hidden knowledge locked among them. The very concept of a scientific study into dragons sparked our imaginations into overdrive.


At our young age, we had the idea in our minds that dragons were real beings and we held onto that concept for years. We didn't understand how they would have existed, but we felt certain that they were. These books were a way to hold onto that idea that maybe there were dragons out there, and if there really were, maybe we weren't alone.


The Inheritance Cycle! Basically half the plot of Star Wars, but with dragons? Who couldn't have read this! We latched onto this series very heavily as a child. The concept of dragons that had their own thoughts and ways of life rather than being animalistic felt nice to us.


We related very heavily with Saphira, who for quite awhile thought herself to be the last of her kind. Though we will admit that Thorn was appealing to us in design. Something about red dragons gets to us.

Other Books!

These are other books we remember with dragons! We especially liked Dragon Champion from the Age of Fire series, but never got the chance to pick up the other books and read them.

Wings of Fire on the other hand we intend to read! We have many friends who recomend it!

Dragon Champion WoF


Red Good old Dungeons and Dragons! While there are many countless amazing things about this world famous table top roleplaying game, one thing that stands out is right in the title... dragons!

Our first ever campaign was actuallly our old karate class getting together to play DnD 3.5E. Ever since then I have been hooked on the idea of roleplaying and what's better in roleplaying then roleplaying as a dragon? Nothing. Not a dang thing.

We've made many a campaign centered around dragons and yes, we know it's cliche but we don't care. In particular We gravitate towards red and black chromatic dragons the most, and have a collective identity as a mix of the two.


spyro Spyro was our earliest introduction to video games, even now, we hold almost all of the games close to our hearts. Playing them was some of the most formative moments of our childhood. We played the first game when we not even 5 years old at our fathers house using the first Playstation model we had ever seen. Little did he know he had changed our lives forever.

spyrodisk The Original Triology was our starting point, we left off with the Legend of Spyro trilogy and never really got into the Skylanders series. We played through each of those games multiple times. We distinctly remember finding a glitch in one of the levels where you could swim in the air. Us and various friends would watch in awe as we were free to go anywhere we wanted in that level, even out of bounds and into distant sunset skybox.

To us, it did not matter if the game was good by almost any standards. We were captured in the concept of being a dragon, rather than seeing one. It was a step up from the books we read that sparked our curiousity. These games settled something in place in our minds and our hearts forever more.

We've played through the new Reignited Trilogy and we're very happy with it all. Once again, we felt like we were young again, back in time. Just us, being us without a care in the world... except for saving all of dragonkind that is!

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